You don’t just chew NexZt - You Experience It!

NexZt is the world's first line of functional gums that calm, energize, suppress appetite and more.

NexZt infuses each piece with the highest quality full-strength reaction specific extracts, masterfully blended into the gum with a patent-pending process....and because the active ingredients are absorbed under the tongue as you chew, you feel the effects FAST - in about 5 minutes. You don't taste the active ingredients - just delicious natural flavors like mandarin orange.

No additives, artificial sweeteners or refined sugar. NexZt - the one of a kind chewing gum delivery system for safenaturally effective herbal extracts: kava, l-theanine, chamomile, guarana, maca, b-vitamins, acai, gogi, bilberry, pomegranate, green tea, hoodia, etc.